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About the Workshop:

It's a performance-oriented workshop culminating into an hour-long performance on 24 Jan.

What is Clowning?

Clowning is a part of physical theatre, in which the performers, the clowns communicate with the audience through their faces and body movements. There are many forms of clowning, what we are focusing on is the theatrical clown. It is totally different from circus clown, party clown. Theatrical clown (or clowns) come on stage and tell a story like Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy. We will be learning clowning without makeup and with a clown red nose, which is the smallest mask in theatre.

What will a participant learn in this workshop?

To be a clown performer participants have to awaken the inner child in them. Just like a child, a Clown has great joy in the simplest things and Clown responds to everything unusually. Along with the rediscovery of an inner child, participants will learn to be much freer with their bodies and mind while performing. The ability to take risks and honestly on stage is the very essence of clowning.

What is the performance of the end?

It's a student showcase. In which all the clowns will participate. The workshop participants can call their friends and family for this show and it will be a ticketed show open for the audience (Participants invitees wont have to pay of course)

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