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So you have wanted to sketch and draw? So you want to start painting? Well! Tight sketches are an absolute must. Sketching is an absolute must.

Come join us and learn the essentials of sketching where your host and teacher will have a one on one sessions and talk and navigate through what makes an image stand out. How you can quickly chalk out the details from imaginations!

Shapes. Perspective. Designs.

No need to bring anything but your self, and your questions.

PS - Vulgar display of inner child will be greatly treasured.

At the beloved, Kunzum Travel Cafe, In Hauz Khaz and Gurgaon!

Why should you come?
Isn't it great to spend a couple of hours learning and mindfully working along with others who are equally passionate?

How much should I pay?
1500 rs.

Why should I pay?
Because we are worth it :)

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