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It is time to stop the constant struggle and bring more balance to your life.

Learn to move away effectively from your destructive thoughts, self-doubts and abundance blocks.

Re-discover the keys to re-program and re-shape your ideal future that is full of prosperity and happiness.

The choice to create abundance in your life is only in your hands.

Take charge. Now!

The Struggle-less Abundance is a powerful 2-days practitioner’s workshop about YOU!

It is about learning to align and use the energies of one’s mind, attitude and all the behaviours supporting them – to attract and manifest more abundance and happiness in one’s life holistically – with ease and lots of fun.

This workshop is hands-on and experiential where you will learn how to:

1. Understand the essence of the LoA (Law of Attraction)
2. Develop the right mindset, skillset and toolset to manifest your desire.
3. Avoid the common mistakes people make while applying the LoA.
4. Refine your thinking to block out negative and harmful thoughts.
5. Progress from a desire to its manifestation taking positive control of almost all spheres of your life.

Other than these, you will learn a lot more mind-shifting things that will help you become a powerful manifesto with an abundance mindset and the practices to support them.

Participants will be offered 4 one hour WhatsApp sessions spread over 4 weeks with the facilitator at no extra cost after the conclusion of the workshop.

Date: 15th & 16th February 2020
Timings: 9:15 AM – 5:30 PM
Dinner/Lunch: Lunch and 2 refreshments for Day participants. All meals for residents.

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