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The Chakra map is one of the most significant gifts of ancient Indian wisdom to understand life.

Osho also emphasizes the awareness of the chakra system for personal growth and living life to the fullest.

Chakras are energy centres in our body, spinning like wheels, enabling pure life force to be absorbed.

The seven chakras are a map to support us, to become aware, relax and grow to our maximum potential.

Each chakra represents a different expression of our life energy.

Stagnation in the chakra is always associated with unfinished and unfulfilled life experiences.

Expressions get stuck in one way or another and this leads to a blockage in the energy flow.

The first chakra is the energy centre that is related to our physical body and the material world.

Relating is the key experience of the second chakra.

Relating to yourself, others & the world at large.

Becoming & being an individual is the third chakra.

The fourth chakra is the ‘heart’. If the energy is flowing through the heart centre, we experience love.

The fifth chakra is activated whenever you express yourself.

The sixth chakra is the third eye, the intuition.

The seventh chakra is the ultimate, the invitation for celebration as the way of life.

Following techniques will be used to encourage expression & activate energy flow :

– Partner exercises

– Group interaction

– Roleplay

– Guided body movements

– Active meditations.


– You will know the chakra systems and qualities of each chakra.

– We will get aware of our own life issues with respect to each chakra.

– We will be able to identify the required changes you need to make in order to heal your life.

– With interesting interactive techniques, we will be able to let go of tensions in each chakra and let the energy flow properly.

– We will be more rooted, more in touch with our personal power, more expressive, more friendly & loving and most importantly able to find ways to nourish ourselves.

Date: 16th February 2020

Timings: 9:15 AM – 5:30 PM

Dinner/Lunch: Lunch

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