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Artist Statement

We all look for meaning, we all search for our goals. Is there really a purpose? Are we all one and together or just wandering souls In this journey of life, I found a little of myself, in water, in brushes, in paints and in colour, I see, a little of you and a little of me...

I believe in connection to the whole life purpose. We are here to experience a myriad of emotions and touch each other's hearts through words and actions that give us hope to live more and laugh more. 

Expression of feelings and deep emotions through art is a medium for me to find balance in life. Life, which is uncertain and prone to change leaving us to struggle and process complex human behaviour and circumstances. 

Through a string of emotions that tie us together, I truly see a part of me in you and a part of you in me. 

Emotions can bring us together, build bridges or create a divide which is insurmountable to pass. But whether we are together or separate, you will know and so will I that we touched each other lives in some special way. 

In this exhibit, I have used acrylic colours to emote the innumerable and uncountable emotions, soulful expressions and the beauty, divinity and rawness of a woman. She is deep, mature, playful and courageous and to be able to capture it all seems impossible.

Hope that you see in her a little bit of you and a little bit of me.


Anubha Agarwal

(A self-taught artist and lawyer)

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