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What is Sketch-it workshop about? 

‘Sketch-it’ is a workshop aimed to initiate learners towards the process of visual thinking and its benefits in making their ideas real.
Visual thinking as defined by many experts is the process of organizing and processing information graphically by using pictures, cartoons, diagrams, colours and maps. When information is presented visually, it takes on a new life where new ideas are developed, easily conveyed, and made real.

We will learn how to read and write visually. Hence, like any other language, through this workshop we will learn the alphabets, words, and grammar to think visually; understand the effective processes to think and structure your ideas visually. 

What to expect from the workshop?

Visual Thinking
You will learn how to visually construct and represent your ideas. Visually organize and structure them, and make them clear and explicit, so you can communicate them with others.  

Sketching Techniques
Understand the basics of creating quick sketches and the hacks to make sure they always look great and communicate better.

Outdoor Exploration
Practice the visual techniques and thinking skills through a hands-on interactive activity of outdoor exploration and visual abstraction.

Who is the lead mentor for the Sketch-it Workshop?

Goutham is an architect by training and artist by temperament, with a keen interest in experimenting with art and new media. A graduate of SPA Delhi, he has worked
with Ricardo Bofill, Anagram architects and is currently working as an independent illustrator and designer.

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