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Level 1 Programme - Master your Energy Body & Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

Program forYoga practitioners, Holistic Health experts, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Young Professionals, Businessmen and Anyone interested in the field of Energy Work and Healing.

This is a Certified Programme and you will be a Certified Level I Therapist on completion of the course.

Program outline

  1. Individual Attunement of your body to open energy channels - This is permanent attunement of all energy centres in the body
  2. History and Background of Reiki
  3. Principles of Energy healing - How to ensure it works for you in the best way
  4. Learning Self Healing Reiki 
  5. Learning Reiki to heal others
  6. Chakras - understanding our energy centres and how they affect us. Learning the position of every chakra, the role it serves, the emotions and organs it influences
  7. Pendulum diagnosis - learning how to use an energetic pendulum for healing and diagnosing

Duration 2-Days

Cost Rs 7000 for a small group programme

No Pre-requisites

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