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We will cover everything from discussing a brief origin of resin art and geode art painting to how to create some amazing marble effects using different self-made resin pour colours and Crystals. Don't worry, there will be a pro-fluid artist to guide you through it all.

You will learn how to make fabulous compositions with mesmerizing effects with just 3 or more resin colours on the canvas, types of resin art and their versatility to do on various surfaces. Our art buddy will guide you on how to achieve cells and amazing effects with the use of simple tricks. while discussing the various possibilities of resin and geode art artworks.

learning outcomes:

  1. Basics of painting,  pouring medium and paints or pigments, glitters.
  2. Creating geodes and resin pieces with different techniques and tricks to create cells and amazing effects.
  3. Information about prepping and finishing the painting.
  4. Two beautiful paintings created by yourself to take home.
  5. Application and scope of resin and Geode art.

You take back your very own fluid art painting you would have created during the workshop, ample inspiration, and some great new friends!

Date: 9 Feb 2020

Time: 11 am to 3 pm

Venue-  Chai point, N block, CP, Delhi

Cost INR 3500

Preregistration is compulsory

Limited seats only*

Late entries will not be entertained.

Who are we:
We are a fluid art brand which creates beautiful geode, resin, acrylic and alcohol ink art pieces available online. you can visit us
We also organize city to city art workshops to get to know some amazing people and to connect the art lovers to this beautiful form of art. we believe the more fluid art artist in India the merrier. we want to spread this form of art to all the amazing artists, beginners and art lovers in India and outside.
During the workshop, the photos and videos taken will be used for marketing purposes. Don't worry! If you are not comfortable, you can tell us, we will only use the picture of the beautiful artwork that you made during the workshop only.

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