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These two Delhi ke ladke are here to share their ultimate experiences with you all. They can make you laugh out loud even over the funeral of someone who died laughing over their jokes, so beware!
Mohit Dudeja - 
Mohit can make people laugh at the funerals of the people who died after attending his show. 
Before entering into the comedy. Mohit has worked in 7 companies out of which 6 has been shut down and the 7th one caught in the fire. 
He likes to play a lot.. with his career.
Shubham Solanki - Life has not the right things with him. he tries to share their tragic experience with the audience to get some relief. but the every-time audience finds it funny and laughs at his face. which makes him more
He thinks everyone should not be successful in their life otherwise who will become a serial killers. 
So in his meantime, He always tries to demotivate people free of cost.
Come with your family and friends and start the new year with joy and laugh.

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