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The Festival is all about being Beer educated and a perfect place for Music lovers and Beer connoisseurs. It brings hundreds of real ales, craft beers by renowned microbreweries in Delhi NCR, and real ciders under one roof together.

As well as the huge range of drinks on offer, the Festival also offers the visitors the chance to enjoy some fantastic Delhi's popular cafe's, street food and snacks. Entertainment is also a part of the Festival with evenings filled with EDM and live music. There will be two main stages in the Festival. International DJs and Popular Music Bands will be playing there. Thousands of people will come together, dance and enjoy the concoction of Beer and Music.

In between the varieties of craft beers and music, visitors can also test their skill on a variety of traditional Beer games.


PHASE 1 EARLY BIRD by Sunday midnight (25 June 2017)
1 Day entry: Rs 700
2 Day entry: Rs 1,000

PHASE 2: 25-30 June
1 Day entry: Rs 1,000
2 Day entry: Rs 1,500

PHASE 3: 1-8 July
1 Day entry: Rs 1,500
2 Day entry: Rs 2,000
On the spot : Prices may vary.
Allows entry only.

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