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8:30PM GST | 6:30PM CET | 5:30PM BST | 12:30PM ET
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Conscious Parenting for the Expat Mum
With Rima Elahi-Syed

As expats raising third culture kids, we need community and a sense of belonging to thrive. Building a deep connection with our children and ourselves is imperative to nurture an authentic parent child relationship.

This workshop introduces you to the essence of Conscious Parenting and will guide you on your journey to becoming the parent you desire to be. You’ll take away three implementable tools to serve as your stepping stones to empower you to parent with confidence and compassion. Using these tools in your day to day life will transform the hectic world of parenting into a joyful journey rooted in healthy connection.

Join us in a judgment free space for sharing and supporting each other as we discuss how we can make parenting in an expat world less stressful and more rewarding.

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Guests: $20
Date: Thursday May 11th
Time: 8:30PM GST | 6:30PM CET | 5:30PM BST | 12:30PM ET
Location: Virtual Workshop. Zoom link will be sent to you upon purchase.


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