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Self Defence Workshop Details
This Self Defence workshop aims to take people (men or women) through common situations of crisis that they might find themselves in.

It is designed to teach the students how to tackle such scenarios by incapacitating their aggressor (to make time to run away) or to get into a dominant position (and wait for help to arrive).
It combines Mixed Martial Arts techniques taken from multiple art forms - Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, Samba, Judo, Boxing - just to name a few. It showcases different techniques that can be undertaken and also highlights the importance of physical fitness as well as skill training to tackle such situations.

Session Structure
Duration : 1.5 hours
·Starts with warm up (to avoid injuries as well as to highlight the importance of physical fitness)
·Demonstration of techniques in different scenarios
·Highlighting 3 main scenarios / positions
  • Guard Position / Missionary Position - Common position where the victim is on his/her back and the assailant is above him/her.
  • Sneak Attack - When the assailant attacks the victim from behind.
  • Front Choke/Strangle - When the victim finds himself / herself pinned against a wall by the assailant
·4 techniques to counter such situations are taught for each position
·The students are made to practice the techniques in pairs.
·End with a Q&A session

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