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India’s first All-Women Improv ensemble brings you Improv Theater with new games, themes and flavors oozing with class! The show may contain adult themes. Recommended age for entry is 12. Children must be accompanied by adults.

Event Language: English

Artists info:

Madhu Shukla: The mad one, a gallon of gaiety and a tonne of energy rolled into one small firecracker. She is a walking juke box and the Yes-And way is her first language. An alumna of the National School of Drama, she takes Improv into every facet of her life. Her improv practice also includes running after her cat and sipping tea alongside her plants.

Balasree Vishwanathan: Loves taking risks and trying everything! From ballroom dancing to Spanish - her life reads like a hobby sampling platter. After trying out Improv session for the sun, there was no turning back. An entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, she can be found in Ola share cabs watching cat videos and trying to preserve what’s left of her personal space.

Lavanya Krishna: A firecracker of a chatterbox who loves the stage. Poetry, puns and bad but clever pick-up lines come a close second. A proud Slytherin, she eats Maggi with curds and makes no apologies; her wardrobe is fifty shades of gray; cameras and cats scare her while she craves their validation.

Vaishnavi Ab: A sportsperson, a writer, a part-time model, an artist, an actor and an orator; versatility is her key feature and she has a room full of awards and certificates as proof for the above. To her winning isn't everything, but it is something. She's 6'1 with ambitions that soar higher. A lover of the stage, Vaishnavi was born to entertain with her wit and charm. While off it she enjoys stimulating talks, tea, the company of a good book & volunteering to make lives better.

Aarti Shastry: A gold medalist in Economics and holds a Master's degree in Development. Career wise, she has taken a 360-degree turn, as she goes around cycling for a living. She actively manages an adventure travel startup and recently returned from a 15-day long Himalayan Cycling sojourn, mesmerized by the beauty of the grand Himalayan range.

She does improv to discover the finer things in life, enjoys reading political philosophy, poetry and playing lawn tennis. She is an active "trash” talker and believes in living in an environmentally sustainable manner. Sneha Suhas: A stand-up comedienne and improv artist based out of Bangalore. She found it hard to tackle people as it is inappropriate, so she stands after and tried jokes on them. She’s performed in all major cities in India and abroad in Australia.

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