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Sexual crimes like kidnapping, molesting, rape, domestic violence, marital abuse, dowry death, sexual harassment, eve-teasing and murder are increasing day by day.

Our Mission: Right To Safety

Program Name: Shaktipunj 

Workshops conducted at: 

  • Indus Valley Partners NSEZ Noida 
  • DPS, Sector 132, Noida (Workshop for girls class 6th to 12th)
  • Samsara World School, Greater Noida (Workshop for Teachers)
  • Somerville School, Noida (2 Months Daily Workshop for girls 9th to 12th Class) 
  • Somerville School, Noida (Two Workshops for Teachers of Junior and Senior Wing) 
  • Delhi Technological University 
  • Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Greater Noida 
  • Weekend Workshops for Corporate Executives at our Noida Centre.

# Shaktipunj is a scientifically designed program to make every woman safe at any place with ‘Street Smart Martial Art’ that includes anti-kidnapping and anti-rape techniques too. (Pics Attached) 

# Why given name as ‘Street Smart Martial Art’

B’cos it is a mix of different martial arts with street fighting techniques from:

  •   Kyokushin Karate (Japan)
  •   Systema (Russian Military)
  •   Krav Maga (Israel Defense Forces)
  •   Muay Thai (Thailand)

As per NCRB 2015 report about crimes against women, more than 95 women in India and 6 women in Delhi are raped every day and as per a survey it is only the one-sixth of the total cases reported.

We believe that a collective efforts is must hence women, organizations and society has to come together to eliminate the crimes.

# Specialty and importance of our training 

  •  In-depth knowledge of human body anatomy and its role in self-defense.
  • Focus on practically workable techniques to disarm the attacker. 
  • Inculcate confidence among participants from the very first session. 
  • Mastery in weaponizing anything, dodging and close combat techniques.
  • Expertise in quick striking and joint breaking with minimum efforts.

# Key features of the program (But Why??)

  •  Importance of Self Defense

Every woman feels that self-defense is important but how to understand its priority?

  • Introduce Participants to their Hidden Physical Strength

Women need to be re-introduced to their body-parts and their uses especially to protect themselves.

  • Understanding of Criminal Mindset

Criminals target mostly women, children and old-age people, why? What is in their mind? When and how they find their target?

  • Precautionary measures in day to day life

What are the DOs and DON’Ts of a safe life and how to make it a daily habit?

  • How to Respond and not React in odd situations (Mental Grooming)

When you react you lose control then how to respond in unimaginable risky situations.

  • What to do in wrong situation

Learn to get out of any situation and save your life, honour and self-esteem.

  • Demonstration of Street Fight Techniques in Real Life Scenarios
  • How to deal with Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassments are very common these days. It can be on the road, in the transport, in a mall, lift or at any public place, at educational institutes or workplace. What are the options we have?

Time Duration: 2 Hours.



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