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Are you scared of going out alone especially at night, booking a cab, entering the lift, in a parking lot?

Do your parents ask you to cover yourself properly to keep you safe from the outside world which is ever ready to molest you?

Hope you remember……

2012 – Nirbhaya died

You were at candle march, you protested, law modified but……

2017 – BUT her rapists are still alive. Justice in waiting!

Are we going to live like this?

Our whole life in the fear of getting raped, molested and exploited just because we are females …”

C’mon girls it’s our time to get up and fight back criminals who think FEMALES as sexual objects and get away with the help of few corrupt officials in police and judicial system.

As per NCRB 2015 report about crimes against women, more than 95 women in India and 6 women in Delhi are raped every day and as per a survey it is only the 1/6th of the total rape cases reported.

Judge : Why did you rape that women?

Rapist : She was weak and it was easy to overpower her.


Sexual crimes like kidnapping, molesting, rape, domestic violence, marital abuse, dowry death, sexual harassment, eve-teasing and murder are increasing day by day.

Our Mission: Right To Safety

Program Name: Shaktipunj 

Shaktipunj is a scientifically designed program to make every woman safe at any place with ‘Street Smart Martial Art’ that includes anti-kidnapping and anti-rape techniques too.

  • Learn from Master Coach - Rajesh K Gupta
  • Expert in Mixed Martial Arts and Close Combat Fighting techniques from  
  • Kyokushin Karate (Japan)
  • Systema (Russian Commandos)
  • Krav Maga (Israel Commandos)
  • Muay Thai (Thailand)

# Specialty and importance of our training

  • In-depth knowledge of human body anatomy and its role in self-defense.
  • Focus on practically workable techniques to disarm the attacker.
  • Inculcate confidence among participants from the very first session.
  • Mastery in weaponizing anything, dodging and close combat techniques.
  • Expertise in quick striking and joint breaking with minimum efforts.

Key features of the program

  •  Importance of Self Defense
  •  Introduce Participants to their Hidden Physical Strength
  •  Understanding of Criminal Mindset
  •  Precautionary measures in day to day life
  •  How to Respond and not React in odd situations (Mental Grooming)
  •  What to do in wrong situations
  •  Demonstration of Street Fight Techniques in Real Life Scenarios
  •  How to deal with Sexual Harassment 

Workshops conducted at: 

  • Indus Valley Partners NSEZ Noida (Training to Women Executives)
  • Samsara World School, Greater Noida (Workshop for Teachers)
  • DPS Sector-132, Noida (Two Workshops for Girls and Boys of 6th to 12th Class)
  • Somerville School, Noida (2 Months Daily Workshop for girls 9th to 12th Class) 
  • Somerville School, Noida (Two Workshops for Teachers of Junior and Senior Wing) 
  • Delhi Technological University 
  • Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Greater Noida 
  • Weekend Workshops for Corporate Executives at our Noida Centre. 

For any details and clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Complimentary gift for each participant and refreshments.

Time Duration: 2 Hours. 



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