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What is this quest about?
Think you know Cubbon Park? GamiFYI has created a 90-minute Quest in the 100 acres scenic Cubbon Park. Come play the treasure hunt like experience on the GamiFYI App and discover Cubbon through a truly engaging experience at your time and your pace, conveniently.

How do you play the quest?
The quest clues are given on a Mobile App - GamiFYI. Game password will be mailed to everyone who registers for the event.
Solve the clues, find the location, perform action, get next clue.. Repeat.

Who is it for?
Built as a game for ages between 8-60. Play in teams. A team can have upto 4 people
- Come along with a friend or play against your friends
- Bring your family, and do a parents vs. kids challenge
These sub plots to our larger plot is the reason we have curated this game for Bangalore.

GamiFYI is India's first ever scavenger hunt on app.

A team (up to 4 people) requires only one ticket.

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