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The Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event with a unique, and uniquely fun, format. It’s a worldwide run where everybody starts simultaneously and the finish line chases you! It is perfect for everyone, of every ability, because you set your own goals and you don’t head toward a distant finish line. Instead, the finish line catches up with you.

A half hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, the “Catcher Car,” chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught. The first runners passed after a few kilometers are the first to celebrate their accomplishments, while the last man and woman to be caught are declared Global Champions. (88.44km is the current record!)

This year it’s bigger and better, the runners are welcomed to beat the challenges of the Mumbai heat and humidity, so run the streets and meet up your friends along the way in and around Whistling Wood International Institute, Goregaon (East), Mumbai until the virtual Catcher Car catches you. Starting at a steady speed of 15 km/h and a headstart of 30 minutes, the Car Catcher picks up the pace until the last athlete is caught. The race begins exactly at 4:30 pm local time, so tighten your shoelaces and beat the heat on the streets of Mumbai.

Whether it’s day or night, bright sun or pouring rain at your location – you’re running together with the world and sharing an amazing experience. Your name shows up on a Global Result List, too! So Save the date and come be a part of the exciting experience in Mumbai this Sunday, 6th May at Whistling Wood International Institute, Goregaon E.


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