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Views : 564  |  Event Date : 2018-06-30    Bangalore;

 Introducing BOX Cricket
 Super 6 Corporate Cricket League.

Rules and Regulations
General Rules:
1.All the matches will happen in indoor cricket ground.
2.There will be limited no of registrations in the tournament.
3.All the matches will be of knock out format.
4.All pre semi final matches will be played 6 over a side. Semi finals and final of the tournament will be 8 over a side.
5.Each team will have maximum 8 players (6 playing and 2 extras). Each match of the tournament will be played with 6 a side team. Team members once declared can’t be changed.
6.Players need to wear sportswear of their choice and each team can pick their own dress themes.
7.The matches would be played with vicky tennis ball.
8.Players from different companies are not allowed to form a team.

Bowling Rules:

1.Pre semi final matches will be played 6 over a side with a maximum of 2 over to be bowled by a single bowler.
2.Semi-finals and final matches will be played 8 overs a side where 2 bowlers can bowl maximum 2 overs.

Batting Rules:
1.No L.B.W.
2.Byes are allowed.
3.Overthrows are applicable.
4.If a bowler crosses the popping crease, the batting team is awarded a run and the next ball is liable for a free hit. Only run-outs are applicable for free hits.

Out rules
1.Only Direct Catch will be considered as out
2.Hit wicket will be considered as out.
3.Stumping and run out will also be considered as out.


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