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Views : 621  |  Event Date : 2018-06-22    Mumbai;

It's all about getting together over some old games some new games. Sharing some comfort, some experimental food and maybe breaking into an impromptu jam session. Come lets have a fun heavy game night which will be even better when you meet new people and the entropy of it all enhances all the fun.

So put your game face on and come along!

Food and Beverages



Good old kingfisher- the king of good times and its true.


Goes well with any mood, any time and any place

Spicy mint coolers

A warm evening with a cool refreshing drink which refreshes your mood and energizes you



Pop Corn 


Beans On Toast 

Schezwan Baby Potatoes

Stir Fried Chicken 

Some surprise goodies 


OpenOut is an attempt to bring the people of the city closer through curated experiences around food, arts & entertainment. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

For all first time guests, we will give you a quick call or send a message to verify. Thank you and See you soon!

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