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Views : 399  |  Event Date : 2018-08-15    Bangalore;


Ima reCreation and Namma Metro (Bangalore Metro) are organising fun board games festival on 15th August. We will be providing all traditional board games (Pallankuzhi / Alukuzhi mane/ 7 Mane / Chaupad / Goat and Tiger etc). people can learn and play all games for free.

It is a social initiative, so pls come and play with family and friends and bond over these games. Bring in any classical games like word / number / card games or Business / Monopoly / dice / race games / any ancient game boards you may have for play / display / exhibition.

Come together, Each one teach one, learn one and play as many games available. you can come anytime and play for anytime.

Date and Time: Aug 15th 2018: ANy time between 10 AM to 6 PM
Venue: Rangoli Metro Art Centre, M G Rd, Bangalore

Treat this as personal invite by Immaculate from Ima reCreation, Traditional games revival initiative. We have regular weekend stall at Rangoli Metro, promoting traditional games and toys.

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