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Basketball 3-on-3 League

Dear Patrons,

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the Basketball 3-on-3 League. The league will be a 2-day event and it will be held at Smashtress Sports Complex, Sector 122 Noida, Near CNG Gas Station. 

The event which is under the management of SMASHTRESS Sports & Stress Management India Pvt. Ltd. is aimed at individuals a platform to engage in a structured competition. It is also to promote the health and well-being of the participants and helps promote team building by facilitating the involvement and commitment of every player towards the achievement of results.

 Highlights of the League: 

  1. The tournament will be played in Under-15, 17, 19 & Open Category.
  2. The format will be League cum knockout
  3. All the matches will be played on the cemented court.
  4. All Referees and scores will be officials.
  5. Entry fees in all categories is Rs. 2000/- per team.
  6. The last date for confirming is 10th September 2018.
  7. Trophies and special prizes to be distributed. 
  8. Photography to capture the memorable moments.
  9. Cash prizes for winners in each category Rs. 5000/- ( Cash prize depends on the number of teams participating. For the above-mentioned cash prize, the minimum number of teams should be 8. It may decrease if the number of teams will decrease and will totally depend on the organizers).


Awards and Recognition:

 Winning Team:

 Team Trophy

Individual Mementos/Medals

 Runner-up Team:

 Team Trophy

Individual Mementos/Medals

 Highest Point Scorer*: Trophy

Best Player of the Tournament: Trophy

Rules and Regulations: 

  1. All general FIBA rules will be applicable.
  2. All teams must wear the same basketball jerseys during their games.
  3. Race to 21 points or maximum points in 10 minutes will decide the winner.
  4. All participants; coaches and spectators shall refrain from using profanity or verbal abuse towards other players, coaches, spectators, referees and the tournament staff.
  5. This is a Drug and Alcohol Free Event. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises.
  6. The team captain will be responsible for the conduct of their players. Teams and spectators shall abide by the tournament rules and regulations.
  7. No food or beverages are allowed on the Court. Only water and sports drinks will be permitted.
  8. SMASHTRESS and the tournament staff are not responsible for any personal items that are left behind, lost or stolen.
  9. Fighting is an attempt to strike an opponent with the arms, hands, legs, feet or a combative action by one or more players, a coach or other team personnel. Any member or team personnel who participate in a fight shall be immediately suspended from the Tournament. Any unwanted practice by any team shall be held under the jurisdiction.
  10. Should any team, player(s) or coach be disqualified from tournament play, there will be no refunds.
  11. SMASHTRESS has the right to alter rules, bylaws and bracket structure as needed.
  12. Teams acting against the standing rules and or against the common interests of the League can be suspended by SMASHTRESS executives.
  13. On the ground, referees and an authorized person from SMASHTRESS will take a decision in favour of the game and it will be considered as a final decision.
  14. SMASHTRESS reserve all rights to cancel and postponed the event in any unwanted circumstances and if the event is cancelled the entry fees to the teams will be returned without any interest in that case.

Looking forward to your participation.



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