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Views : 518  |  Event Date : 2018-10-13    Bangalore;

The traditional games of India are known to not only entertain generations upon generations of families but also to teach them patience, planning, strategy and sharing; thus encouraging a harmonious co-existence. These games cut across all ages and boundaries; making them fun for people from all walks of life. Each game is rooted deep into the socio-cultural beliefs, giving us a deep insight into Indian history, mythology, traditions, architecture and antiquity. Thus, this age old tradition of entertainment, interaction and learning through board games is not only a part of one's life, but a reflection of many.

India is a treasure trove of games and has given the world some of the best games in the world, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders , Chess etc. With this 2 hour traditional games workshop, we hope to provide an unforgettable experience through many more such games, wherein individuals relive their childhood memories of playing with tamarind seeds and chalk drawn games while the younger audience gets an opportunity to understand the past in order to create it's new future-

What games did people play? What were their preferences dice games or strategy games? Were these games popular everywhere or are they region specific? Do we know how to play the games?

Featuring - Kreeda
Kreeda is an organization that has been working on developing and reviving traditional games for more than 15 years. The main aim of the organization is not only to revive old games but also to revive the spirit of India and its games.

***All materials will be provided by us. ***

// Anyone over 12 years of age can attend. //


In this world of digital art and 3D printing, Nazariya is a movement to bring us closer, to the beautiful world of Indian Folk Art. It is an effort in not just reviving these art forms, but also towards making them relevant in the contemporary world. Nazariya is trying to bring out the subtle message behind these art forms; the message of unity, brotherhood and community. This is Nazariya's way of taking you on an incredible journey into India's past, helping us create a new future.

About The Courtyard

The Courtyard is a space for community and culture. Located in central Bangalore, it provides space for creative thought and engaged conversation. The venue comprises a 1700 SFT air-conditioned Studio space that can host small performances, workshops, screenings and other events, a tree-covered Rooftop for small gatherings and meetups, an open-to-sky Courtyard space for informal gathers, and 2 suites of rooms for artist residencies. The Courtyard has space available for hire and regularly hosts a range of art forms, events, and ideas, community gathers and most importantly, great food.

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