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  • When Carrie Patsalis was growing up in England, she used to go camping in France and Spain with her parents. In her early 20s, she worked in TV and did a production for three months in several European countries. But it was not until her trip to Costa Rica later in life that she discovered her love for travelling. “That was my first trip further afield. My twins were about seven. It sparked a kind of passion to push it further and became an addiction which I don’t appear to be able to recover from,” Carrie laughs.
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I am Carrie, a Brit who likes to travel....alot. I've been to places from Bolivia to Bangladesh, Mongolia to Morocco, Pakistan to Portugal. I run a digital production company by day and travel in school holidays as much as my pennies will allow. Last time I checked I had twins. They are my baggage handlers.

I'm new to Youtube as of Dec 2021..looking forward to uploading content. I have been hanging out on instagram for a couple of years.

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