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In March 2021, we quit our jobs, sold our belongings, and began traveling the world!

We are travel content creators sharing the knowledge we gain as we travel the world full-time. Through travel guides, itineraries, tips, and sharing our experiences, we hope to make travel more accessible to people all around the globe so you can plan your own adventures!

We never thought we'd be making travel vlogs on YouTube, but after realizing that we had a unique opportunity to share our adventure and make the world feel more familiar and inviting to anyone watching, we took the leap and picked up the camera!

We hope our videos show how wonderful, delicious, and friendly the world can be.

You can also find us on:
♥ Instagram: @nicoleandmico_
♥ Website: www.nicoleandmico.com
♥ Email: info@nicoleandmico.com

If you enjoy our content and want to help us continue creating, we would love to have you join our "members" community! It's just a couple of dollars and we share lots of extra updates in between videos! To check it out, click the "join" button above or go to youtube.com/nicoleandmico/join

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