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What is 10,000 Speakers Community?

10,000 Speakers is a global community for people to come forward and share their stories. This community helps you be a better speaker in public as well as a better storyteller.


Who is the founder?

It is started by Abhishek Gulia who is an avid communicator. Abhishek speaks professionally as an anchor, public speaker, and trainer in a lot of corporate events.  10,000 Speakers aims to make a strong community that enables its members to be awesome communicators and speakers.


What happens in the weekly meetups?

With a max capacity of 20 attendees, the weekly meetups are focused on creating a platform for people to come up and talk about topics they like or something aligned with the theme of the meetup. A few examples of themes are Education, Youth in politics, My 1st experience, India on the global map.

Light and dark themes are picked up as per the current scenario or importance.


What is the duration of the meetup?

It starts at 5.00 pm and ends at 6.30 pm. So, It is a 1.5 hr meetup happening every weekend.


Location :

DDA Park, Sec 11 Dwarka ( Get down at Sec 11- Dwarka Metro station and walk towards the main gate of the park - the park is beside the Metro Station)

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